How to Deadlift Sumo Style


  • Stand with your legs spread wide
  • Align shins with the rings on the bar
  • Point toes out to about a 45 degree angle so that knees do not interfere with the bar path when pulling
    • Align the bar so that it’s touching or nearly touching your shins
  • Hinge/reach back with your hips and bend your knees keeping lower back completely flat
  • Grip inside your legs right where the knurling on the bar starts
    • Using an alternated grip (dominate hand overhand and non-dominate hand underhand) will provide a stronger grip on the bar
  • Align shoulders/armpits slightly in front of the bar


  • Brace by filling your lungs with air, closing your glottis, pushing your abdomen out, and tightening your back
    • Pinch your shoulder blades down and in
    • Slightly arch your lower back
    • Pull the slack out of the bar
  • Stand up by pushing your hips into the bar
    • Push feet to the outside of your shoes
    • Focus on squeezing your butt while keeping your chest up and your back flat
    • Keep the bar as close to your body as possible while pulling
      • The bar should drag across your shins

Downward Movement

  • Make sure to lockout
    • Stand tall and upright with the weight
  • Once you have locked out, try to maintain the same strong braced position to put the bar back on the ground
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